‘प्र’च्या कविता

Friday, 2 September 2011


My soul is waiting …waiting for him

For that ultimate seducer

My heart is dancing on his blessed tune

Spreading an undesirable joy

Throughout my existence

I am silently but expectantly

Watching this waiting ceremony

As if I am not related with it

Anytime anywhere

And it removes the entire burden of my anxiety

It frees all my dreams

And they fly with gaiety

Oh! It’s so wonderful!

If waiting can bring such a happiness

What if he comes to me!

I will die out of mirth

But beware my dear soul

Happiness is not something you are used to

And they say it’s ephemeral too

All your life you craved for it

So it may hurt you

If you welcome it with open arms

Shut your eyes, beat your temptation

Let him come, without notice

And dissolve you like mist

In the sunshine.

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